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so don't test me, by Shadow-of-the-former so don't test me, :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 12 11 I think not,.. by Shadow-of-the-former
Mature content
I think not,.. :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 19 24
your still at risk mate.... by Shadow-of-the-former your still at risk mate.... :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 9 0 doesn't add up, by Shadow-of-the-former doesn't add up, :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 5 37 soiled diapers are sexy ? by Shadow-of-the-former soiled diapers are sexy ? :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 30 38 Reporting Art is Okay, by Shadow-of-the-former Reporting Art is Okay, :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 27 20 I both Love it and hate it, by Shadow-of-the-former I both Love it and hate it, :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 4 3 I enjoy Anthro TF by Shadow-of-the-former I enjoy Anthro TF :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 2 1
Fiction and reality
Alright then, so as from the title you see, this will be talking about fiction Vs reality, one of the biggest debates on the internet when it comes to certain topics, and while this does have many differing sides and opinions, I would like to see that if anyone leave comments please keep them as mature as you can, 
As a lot of what I say May and will be looking at certain things negatively,  
so one of the biggest issues on this site is that a lot of people draw many things that other people will not find in there taste, be it Fetish art or some other  thing, what ever it be, not everyone is going to like it, and I think it's okay to like and dislike what ever you want as long as it's not harassment being done to those you don't like.
But I understand if one does dislike certain things that a lot of people would find disgusting in real life, or just plain wrong, with those being thing's like
child porn
animal porn
:iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 7 3
not all Bondage rocks, by Shadow-of-the-former not all Bondage rocks, :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 24 18 They can be  Bad, ( Read description ) by Shadow-of-the-former They can be Bad, ( Read description ) :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 33 13 They are ( read description ) by Shadow-of-the-former They are ( read description ) :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 25 26 There never is. by Shadow-of-the-former There never is. :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 58 41 Inflation is many things, by Shadow-of-the-former Inflation is many things, :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 11 8 It really depends.... by Shadow-of-the-former It really depends.... :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 14 17 what do you expect ? by Shadow-of-the-former what do you expect ? :iconshadow-of-the-former:Shadow-of-the-former 28 32


Iwerks style Scratch by Boschian-Fantasies Iwerks style Scratch :iconboschian-fantasies:Boschian-Fantasies 6 3 Heeeeeere's Scratch! by Boschian-Fantasies Heeeeeere's Scratch! :iconboschian-fantasies:Boschian-Fantasies 5 3 TFotMS: Back Cover by Boschian-Fantasies TFotMS: Back Cover :iconboschian-fantasies:Boschian-Fantasies 6 0 Goretober - Day 16 by Cinnamedic Goretober - Day 16 :iconcinnamedic:Cinnamedic 8 1 Deviant Cringe Cosplay  by Knuklez Deviant Cringe Cosplay :iconknuklez:Knuklez 17 6 XD Stamp by MimiMarieT XD Stamp :iconmimimariet:MimiMarieT 23,445 561 They are Just Like us by wwwarea They are Just Like us :iconwwwarea:wwwarea 237 59 Gfhvb by auceans Gfhvb :iconauceans:auceans 18 9 Eeeeeeeee by auceans Eeeeeeeee :iconauceans:auceans 9 4 brog5yaga by auceans brog5yaga :iconauceans:auceans 21 0 3 glitches, 3 playerz! xD  by Gengargamer64 3 glitches, 3 playerz! xD :icongengargamer64:Gengargamer64 41 27 Sleaze Bucket (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu Sleaze Bucket (Master Q Parody) :iconmeiyeezhu:meiyeezhu 51 67
Riveris the Changeling part three
Time passed like it always dose the foals got used to me and the what used to be daily struggles of trying to to die from playing with them to napping and make sure that they don't die from learning how to do magic to flying to making sure they don't burn the house down with a potion. Tamer soon figured out I had some level of thinking after Helping her in the kitchen so she is gonna try a little chore. "Ok I just want you to go get a bag of theses." she held up an apple and puts it in a bag. "if you get lost remember I still got the collar."  Thankfully I have some emotion in me so I have some energy Iv tried changing to talk but apparently that it dosnt work there ether so when ponys come by I turn into a dog or cat and go back to napping. It was really my first time leaving the home and it was a lot more intimidating than I thought it would be. Walking down the rock path in the shape of a dog I made my way to a pony village and ducked in a bush looking around. theirs a pony wit
:iconnightengale1028:nightengale1028 5 54
The story of Riveris part two
The next few days where a bluer of drugs and sleep living off of the vary faint affection that caren and tamer did have for me and it was enough but they also smelled of something ells but I couldn't put my hoof on it. in the time I was still down there I had tried to communicate to tell them I was sentient but each time failed mostly because my writing SUCKS! also a lot of my natural ability. Im not strong enough to change into anything. my fangs and venom would get me starved if i tryed to use it. oh and agenst popular ideas no changelings are NOT like alicorns we are actually a lot more like ponys themselves some are like earth ponys they are the core workers of the hive there strong and brave there wings and horn are more like an accessory or tools in there own way but cant be used for other things many changelings uses there thick carpus on there wings and sharp some are like a weapon  or use there horn for defense many changelings do things like this I am one of the ones mor
:iconnightengale1028:nightengale1028 4 25
Stamp: That doesn't mean it's good if it's normal. by Username-91 Stamp: That doesn't mean it's good if it's normal. :iconusername-91:Username-91 30 7 Mom's Knife - Item from The Binding of Isaac by PixelBeadGuy Mom's Knife - Item from The Binding of Isaac :iconpixelbeadguy:PixelBeadGuy 3 0



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You,will not prevail
your a little lost aren't you....very far from home you are indeed..

well if you came here...i assume you are here because of what i
but if not..i'll tell you this is secondary account from a main is were you ill find many stamps as far as the eye can see...a lot depicting certain topics and scenarios to help out with many causes on that deals with . Art thief's Bullies. Porn artists,Fetish porn artists,hackers and trolls...but you'll find others things as enjoy and browse them...A lot of them are heavily opinionated..but don't worry..everyone is allowed to say what they want...but civil..even if anyone disagrees with each don't expect much content here...but just so you know i'm mostly active on my main account....^^

Bad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-club Fantasy Stamp by DesiredAdoration cute or ... not by waad11 Cynder Stamp 2 by Amity-And-Sorrow
Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie

Serous Stamps...
Logic is Awesome by CrystalMV Stamp by Little-rolling-bean It's Still Pedophilia by AnScathMarcach
Ranter not Cyber bully by SparDanger Comment and Block Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Nobody cares what your excuse is! by Username-91 ''Waiting for a victim to take care of'' is BS by Username-91
Anti-Bondage Stamp by Estell-chan Art-Theft-Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy I can still... by yumi-honamaru Rape is not Cute by genkistamps
DA is... by Almairis


No journal entries yet.


so don't test me,
this stamp is for anyone who is tired of rule breakers on this site, and becoming some of the reasons the quality of this site is dying, 
Honesty, If someone want's to break the rules of this site,and choose to ignore any advice given to them about not doing that,..the let me just say you have it coming then, I have gotten countless people on this site banned and suspended, and that doesn't phase me,

I delt with so many people tell me off, harassing me, and blocking me, thinking they can do whatever they want,because they don't think rules apply to them, well just let it be known, I don't take things lightly around here,, the only thing saving people from being banned if they break the rules is DA's laziness to do much of anything..not because I'm the kind of person to ignore those who break policy,so if you are a troll, Hacker, bully, or posting content that isn't want to rethink your placement on that.

DA is a clean site, it's not for people to just go and do whatever they wish, and if you don't like it, your more then welcome to leave at anytime, ^^
I think not,..
Please leave a  mature comment, thank you mate...

Honestly, one of the things I find most annoying about anyone who tries to defend child porn, is when they'll say, " it's only artistic expression, like any form of art, so it's wrong to think of it as any different." 

seasonally ? people think the phrase artistic expression is a good reason to create content with children in sexual content, which is mostly just being used for fetish fuel ? look I seen lot's of child pornography art on this site, and if anything, it shows to me that it is trying to be anything but that, 
A Nasty fantasy chalk full of perverted comments, 

I'll tell you this, I seen an image that depicted a Mother and her child getting raped, with the mother then being forced to watch when it was her child's turn,, it was done in full detail, a lot of effort was put into image,, and it even had a story in the description to go with it, ( which was an awful story by the way ) and despite that, it was created solely for the purpose as being someones fetish fantasy, with people, finding it hot and attractive, and wanting more, I could say it's all a joke that people are saying things like that, but given the art these people seem to like, and draw it was not a trolling joke, 
an image like that is something you'd see done in shock horror, trying to get you to feel disturbed in an unpleasant way,, but the image I seen, as well a many others that have been on this site, don't seem to come of as a quality of  good, artistic expression, if the expression show's that one enjoys the rape of a young child, and the torment of a mother being forced to watch,

to me artistic expression is something you should feel proud of, something that anyone can find some beauty in, even if it's not their thing, it's something that still can be acknowledged by others, if the intent is to gain a natural reaction from you,, How often does a person draw child porn because they find it simply beautiful , scary or saddening, ? " 



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vladen13 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
In regard of my reply to your comment , via Captain Neckbread... I didn't add this extra thought there , because I didn't wish to use someone else's forum as a personal exchange , beyond a simple tip of the hat respect... ( when it doesn't regard the host , I think that's a tad rude ^^;  )

Frankly... I wouldn't want you to change your opinion either , if your being true to your feelings. That's your life.

  Just as I feel I have no reason change my view.  Flawed as you might find it , I live well in peace with myself and others by it in my life.

..... In fact , I think that I might possibly disappoint you more so , if I just blindly accepted your views...

... if I stopped being a free thinker in my own life.... 

I don't think you'd truly respect me at all then. :hmm: ... And I won't presume to disrespect you as such.

That's why I still stop by sometimes to read your journals , to listen to your opinion ,.. but not drink your universal kool-aid. :giggle:

But keep the faith , and if your views help someone , honestly , to find themselves in who they are truly... then well done. :nod:

.... but I'll spare us both the agree to disagree opinion - chatter in those journals ;) , because I suspect your right that both our views will never change. :D
yes, I've already spoken with you on similar matters...I'm not going to convince you
to change your views,  But I feel that people who don't know you should know that as well. Hence my comment towards captainkceckbeard, as people like me and him ,strive for  similar goals,
GalaxyRailways2199 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for da faves~ 
your welcome ^^
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
Thanks for the femme-Sonic faves :huggle:
No probs at all ^^
nightengale1028 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017
thanks for the faves. can I ask what you think. on the stuff I actualy made? 
No probs ^^, there interesting I must say,
nightengale1028 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017
thank you. with the newest story I am looking for more characters. would you like to contribute? no drawings or anything. just a bit of rp from time to time with me and willfred.
No prob, I'll have to look more into it, but  also I'm rather busy on my main account,but thanks, ^^
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